Help to view the videos:

Question Answer
Why do I  get  garbage when playing a video ? You NEED the LATEST version of the software required to view the video.
Why doesn't the video play ? Check the following table, you should have the LATEST versions of all those programs to view the videos of this Website.
Windows Media error C00D10B3 Follow these instructions
I got the required software, why I can't get the video to download ? Please make sure you have a adequate high speed internet connexion (should work with a regular connexion, but you must then be VERY patient!)
I use a MAC, can I view the videos ? Sure you can! Click HERE to download a MAC version of the player.


Movie extensions Player required Download
.rm .ram
.wmv .avi
.mov .qt


You must have a high speed or stable internet connexion
Make sure you've got some free disk space on your hard drive
You processor should be at least 200MHZ or higher
Get the latest version of Real Player

You need at least "Windows Media Player 7.1"

Get the latest version of Quick Time 4 or 5

Still does not work ?
(make sure you're gone through all the steps before e-mailing me)

Last Update: January 25, 2009