Dust n' Bones: The Untold Story of Izzy Stradlin

Dust n Bones The Untold Story of Izzy Stradlin
BOOK Dust n' Bones:
The Untold Story of Izzy Stradlin


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Izzy Stradlin, throughout his career with Guns N' Roses, and beyond, has remained an enigma. In the annals of rock n' roll folklore, Izzy Stradlin is today a living legend. He wrote his own ticket, all the way from Lafayette to the Sunset Strip and International stardom, and then back home again when he walked away from it all. By co-founding America's most popular, influential, and celebrated rock band since Aerosmith and most respected since the Rolling Stones, and serving as the band's primary songwriter and creative core, Stradlin has cemented his place historically as the foundation of any tribute or critical hail Guns N' Roses has or ever will recieve. Still, it's been much harder for rock historians to put a finger on why Izzy Stradlin left Guns N' Roses than it's been to figure out why he gave the band its cool.

Not shy to the spotlight, just too cool to care, Izzy was hard rock's James Dean. In the pages of 'Dust N' Bones: The Untold Story of Izzy Stradlin' we will explore his childhood, early days on the Sunset Strip, his dream for Guns N' Roses and how he went about leading the band creatively as an anchor through their stormy waters of international stardom, learn about his songwriting process, never-before-heard details of his struggle to kick a life-threatening heroine habit, the reasons why he walked away from it all at the band's height in 1991, and his life since, through the JuJu Hounds and other solo records, all the way up through present day. His journey is ours in the pages of this book, and even if we don't arrive at a certain destination of understanding this Rock n' Roll conundrum, we will hopefull discover more about him along the way...

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