I.R.S track from "Chinese Democracy" played
on radio station Q104.3 in New york City today

i.r.s  i.r.s  i.r.s

On Friday, Aug. 29th 2003, a member of the mygnrforum.com, "Bergs," posted that he had heard a new track, called "I.R.S." played on radio station Q104.3 in New York City during Eddie Trunk's syndicated radio show.  It was played between 11:45pm and 12:15am (Saturday morning). After playing the song, Trunk and guest host, baseball player Mike Piazza, clowned around before revealing that it was Guns N' Roses. They then started taking calls, asking listeners' opinions on the new track, and most liked it, Bergs said.

("I.R.S." has been widely rumored to be a track on GNR's long-awaited album "Chinese Democracy")

When contacted, Trunk confirmed he had indeed played the track.  He said his guest co-host, New York Mets baseball player Mike Piazza, had brought it along when he came to the show. Piazza claimed he had received the CD with fan mail.

(However, it's widely known that Piazza and Axl Rose are friends, as reports of them partying together in NYC have appeared in the past in the New York Post and Daily News). 

In an e-mail to the mygnrforum.com, Trunk confirmed, "The CD arrived in the fan mail of my guest host, baseball player Mike
Piazza. It was played. "

The track has been described as a hard rock song, with an industrial edge. Axl's voice is said to be "clear" with a wide versatile range that hits some high notes. There are apparently some impressive guitar solos in it.

There were rumors that the track would be played Sunday morning on "The Vault" and that Trunk's Friday show would be replayed next Thursday and Saturday on KNAC.com. However, early Saturday evening, Trunk confirmed that the track would not be included in the replay. The label had stepped in and requested he not play or share the track anymore.


Eddie wrote a small article on his website, www.eddietrunk.com, confirming he had played the track and commented on the overwhelming response he had received from it:

A HUGE show as Mike Piazza and Jim Breuer return to the studio, and the show makes news again, as we premiere a brand new G&R song! Plus Eddie's All Roads Lead To Sturgis special airs all this Labor Day weekend on VH1 Classic TV!

Posted By Eddie Trunk on 08.30.03

Well what can I say, another huge news making show this past Friday! Mike Piazza returned as our in studio co-host, and came in with a surprise, new Guns & Roses! The reaction since we premiered the new song IRS has been unreal. Mike (who has always been a huge G&R fan) received the CD anonymously in his fan mail. Leave it to the co-host to once again come through big time with a tremendous exclusive! I have been hammered by people looking for copies and to hear it again. For obvious reasons I will not be posting it or giving it to anybody, and more than likely, will not be able to play it again. But for those that caught it, thanks for listening. Like I always say, you never know what's going to happen on the show! This is just another reason why you should be hammering your local stations to carry my show live. It is available anywhere in the US. Your voice counts! If you don't get the show, tell your local stations program directors you want it!! Piazza hung out for a couple hours, and the always hysterical Jim Breuer dropped by after a Metallica club show. Just a great way to kick off the labor day weekend. A great mix of music, talk and giveaways, and of course, exclusive music!

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