Some people not happy with GNR tour promotion at

  Some people unhappy with GNR tour promotion at  

This article from exposes a point of view on some aspects of the current GNR tout promotion. He does have a good point as Madisson so well said it on the

Fans of the old Guns N' Roses might like to pretend this is not happening; but the new Guns N' Roses has announced their tour schedule, and tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster. Most publicity makes a point of saying that only one member of the original band is on the roster. However, Ticketmaster goes a little far with their ad which appears on the front page of their site. There you'll find a large picture of Axl and the following text:

Guns N Roses
See the original bad boys live with their new album
that's been in the making for 11 years--
"Chinese Democracy"

The ORIGINAL bad boys won't be there, and the current lineup doesn't seem to have any bad boys with the exception of Axl. These kinds of ads really give the impression that you will see the original GNR. Oh, that it were true! It seems to us that if Axl has a really successful tour and sells a ton of albums...the reunion will never happen. So far, with the sell out at MSG, it does appear that people are interested in at least giving the band a listen. Well, even SLASH was interested although he couldn't get admitted to the Vegas show. If you see him sneaking in for a quick listen, don't give him away!

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