Hong Kong Concert Report#3


The last night show was undoubtedly excellent. The show(Guns n' Roses part) was totally lasted for 2 hours approximately. The first song was again

"Welcome to the Jungle".....
The setlist is as follow-----extracted from someone:
- Welcome to The Jungle
- It's so Easy
- Mr Browstone
- Live and Let Die (fireworks like during the UYI tour)
- Think about you
- You could be mine
- Sweet Child O'Mine
- Knockin' On Heaven's Door
- Out Ta Get Me
- New song (he never heard the new tracks before but according to his
description, I think it's Madagascar)
- Buckethead solo stuff (nunchakus, breakdance, Star Wars theme, etc)
- Piano solo
- November Rain
- Chinese Democracy (Axl DID show the album cover before the song and told
the name of the song)
- Patience
- My Michelle
- Nightrain
----- encore -----
- Paradise City (lots of fireworks, confettis, etc.)

One of the features is that Axl was wearing red velvet jacket and red bandana, playing a piano which reminded me of the one in the "November  rain" MTV.......quite similar indeed.

Also, moreover, I noticed that Axl got hurted of his right leg. Maybe the  stage was a bit small and collided with an object there. Luckly, he was fine after a few minutes.

Summer up the whole performance, axl showed an energetic and inspiring face to audiences. Compare with RIR3, he looked much younger and thinner ( maybe it is an result of wearing long sleeves shirt ). Anyone might have a feeling of Axl was back, just like a decade ago. The New GnR is not that bad, they changed my impression of them. I used to think of the new members is not as good as the old one. However, they are just giving us another style of performing the Gnr old songs.

Despite 3000 peoples were guessed to come, however, everyone were excited. I didn't feel an second of still air.

One of the thing i was disappointed is Axl only introduced Buckethead and Brain to us. Why no Dizzy and the others?

I really hope the band would come to here and play again!! Thanks for your coming: Guns n' Roses. Hope you like Hong Kong

Tsang wai

Source: Hong Kong resident: Tsang wai sent to MYGNR.COM



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