10 years ago: Angry GNR Fans trash the
Montreal Olympic Stadium after
Axl Rose leaves the stage


August 8th 1992, 10 years ago. Gune played in Montreal for 55 minutes.

Metallica had to cut their concert short because a member got burned by fireworks.

The Guns N' Roses concert finally started with the "standard" set list at that time. The sound quality was extremely poor for some reason.

Then in the middle of the song Civil War, Axl suddenly said: "We are unable to play here, I'm outta here" and litterally ran off the stage and ran to a car waiting in the back stage (wich everyone sitting high could see).

Slash was the only member that tried to keep face by trying to keep playing, but he had to start running too because people were starting to get onstage.

Everyone in the Olympic Stadium had been drinking and smoking for hours now. All the ingredients were in place to have a 50,000 people riot, and that's exactly what happened.

I (the Webmaster) had to climb a barbed wire fence just to get away from the police that was chasing the rioters. True they can't know who is a rioter and who is just trying to get away from it all.

This months Newsletter will feature a special article on this concert.

In the mean time, enjoy the audio of the final seconds of the concert, and a video of the BEST Guns n' Roses Live And Let Die audio effects EVER.

AUDIO: Last moments of the concert before the RIOT broke out in Montreal, Quebec on 08.08.92

Montreal 1992 - Live and Let Die
VIDEO: Montreal 1992

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  Source: Facts, titles and picture: The Montreal Gazette Newspaper


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