Guns n Roses members make it into another video-game!

"Megaman X5" is the name of the game in which the names of the bad guy's ressemble Guns N' Roses members names. The ressemblence is striking! In the english only version of the game, the stage level music is a remix of the GNR song "My Michelle". The game is made by Capcom. Here's the list of names:

Picture Name in Game GNR Member
Sigmahead Buckethead
Grizzly Slash Slash
Squid Adler Steven Adler
Izzy Glow Izzy Stradlin
Duff McWhalen Duff McKagan
The Skiver ???
Axle The Red Axl Rose
Dark Dizzy Dizzy
Mattrez Matt Sorum
Dynamo ???

Who do you think "The Skiver" and "Dynamo" represents?

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