Slash cover bands produce a fan tribute album for Slash!

The cover band fan tribute album is entitled "Ain't Slash Grand". As far as we know, this album is not for sale. It's destined only for Slash.

Cover bands from all over the world contributed to this project:
Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and USA.

The a
lbum was put together by Rui Andrade and Tiago Borges. Michelle Thorpe who made the amazing artwork. Linda Scott who first announced the tribute on Slash Official Fan Page.

Setlist of the Shasl Tribute album:

   1  - Ain't Life Grand                      performed by Hells Angels
   2  - Sweet Child O'Mine                performed by Reason by Force
   3  - Something About Your Love  performed by The "Tidus Sloan" Project
   4  - It's So Easy                            performed by Kobra
   5  - Patience                                 performed by 22-Cent Prophet
   6  - Obsession Confession           performed by David Mcilwraith
   7  - Paradise City                         performed by Perfect Roses
   8  - Mr. Brownstone                     performed by Maphia
   9  - Bad Obsession                      performed by Crawlin’back
   10 - You're Crazy                         performed by Rocket Queens
   11 - Double Talkin' Jive                performed by Peter Hafele
   12 - Slash Solo Medley                 performed by Babsi & Steve
   13 - My Michelle                            performed by Ampsex
   14 - Beggars And Hangers           performed by The Rotten Rose
   15 - You Ain't the First                 performed by Antti Ilmari Kiiski
   1  - Locomotive                            performed by The Joe
   2  - Sweet Child O'Mine                performed by Bitch
   3  - Patience                                performed by Milesingle
   4  - Welcome To The Jungle       performed by Star
   5  - Paradise City                        performed by Wire
   6  - Mr. Browstone                      performed by Hollywood Rose
   7  - The Garden                          performed by The Corrodes
   8  - My Michelle                           performed by Rocket Queen
   9  - The Godfather Theme           performed by Rattus the Rat
   10 - It's So Easy                          performed by Hanx
   11 - You Could Be Mine               performed by  The Ex-Terminators
   12 - Live & Let Die                       performed by Bad Obsession
   13 - Knocking On Heavens Door
        /One in a million                      performed by We don't remember those couple
of weeks
   14 - Patince with Wild Horses      performed by Jamie van den Hoorn
   15 - Dust N' Bones                       performed by T-Borg

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