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SATYRICON: Contributions From PHIL ANSELMO, DAVID VINCENT Unlikely To Happen - Mar. 23, 2002

SATYRICON mainman Satyr has posted the following studio report from the ongoing mixing sessions at a Danish studio with producer Jeff "Critter" Newell (i.e. MINISTRY, GUNS N ROSES, FILTER, etc.) for the group's forthcoming album, which is due to be released in August/September through Capitol Records (Scandinavia):

“It started out in the worst possible way, things that didn't have to do with music, but made it literally impossible to mix. It took a day to solve it and now everything is OK.

“My partner in crime, Critter, has experience working with a great variety of things from remixing stuff like MARILYN MANSON and NINE INCH NAILS to engineering MINISTRY's Psalm 69 and the forthcoming GUNS N' ROSES album Chinese Democracy.

“When you work on an album, you want [to involve yourself with] people that have skill and experience, but also [have] an understanding of what you do. Critter knew SATYRICON from before, so that wasn't a problem.

“We have completed three songs so far [as of March 22nd], and we've sort of found our formula even though each individual song needs a treatment of its own. I'm glad I was so thorough with my producing when we recorded because it pays off big time in the mix.

“This is not a process where we invent the wheel over again, it's more like perfecting the good work that has already been done.

“I feel that I'm getting the right combination of power and sounds Black Metal and it has sonic force.

“[Former MORBID ANGEL frontman] David Vincent and I had complete clash of schedules, so his contribution won't happen. We talked about doing something later as we both feel we should. [PANTERA frontman] Phil Anselmo's been down with ammonia so it looks unlikely at the moment that he will take part, but he said a couple of days ago that he 'won't let his brothers in SATYRICON down,' so you never know. We appreciate great contributions from our friends, but it's not like the album depends upon it.”

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