Review of the Kerrang "Magazine" article about GNR entitled:
"GNR: what's going on?"


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Broken silence
Apparently, GNR's management have broken their silence and gave an interview to Kerrang about the band's gameplan for 2002. -Judging by the lyrics of the song "Get In The Ring", one wouldn't have thaught Kerrang would have been one of the last News magazine to get any kind of recent news from GNR's management, or Axl.

Up untill recently
Axl Rose was working won the upcoming album with Roy Thomas Baket from Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Spokesperson tells all
The Kerrang article states that a spokesperson from GNR's management says he heard about 41 out of the 60-70 songs that Axl Rose is working on. He goes on to say that it may or may not be called "Chinese Democracy".

So when???

According to the spokesperson the album is set for a release for the second half of 2002...

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