VCR ALERT: GNR Flashback on MTV2

VCR ALERT: GNR Flashback on MTV2

MTV2 will air an hour long Guns N 'Roses flashback. To all the people who where disapointed that the video "You could be Mine" was left out of the "Welcome to the videos", well this is your chance to set up your VCR's because they will most likely play it. The following is MTV2's description:

GnR Flashback
MTV2 flashes back to a great moment in rock ní roll history, with the first interview ever given by rock legends Guns Ní Roses. Interview footage is edited with and enriched by the greatest & most legendary GnR videos, including Welcome to the Jungle, November Rain, Patience, and more, in this 1 hour ode to the band in GnR Flashback

Saturday March 3rd 2002 at 1200:pm (noon)
Friday March 8th 2002 at 3:00PM

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