French Website claims to have a French distributor for "Las Vegas 2001" GNR concert Japanese import

***Customers be cautious ***

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2001 RECAP:

AUGUST 2001: HMV Japan offers "pre-orders" of the DVD or VHS "Live In Vegas 2001" concert and of the 2000 re-recording of AFD

"Live In Vegas" video pre-order from HMV postponed

AMAZON.CO.JP to offer the DVD  "Live in Vegas 2001" concert

NOVEMBER 2001: AMAZON.CO.JP pulls the plug on "advance orders" for the DVD

Both HMV and AMAZON took "advance orders" for the GNR DVD. Fans have told me they promptly got their money back once it was clear the DVD would not be released for some time.

TODAY IN 2002:

FEBRUARY 2001: A French website claims to be distributing "Imports" from Japan of the "GNR LIVE LAS VEGAS 2001" DVD.

Here's what worries me:

1) How can a company be claiming to be selling "Imports" when the DVD hasn't even been released yet? The definition of a "Import" is something that's been released elsewhere and was imported.

2) Be sure about it, this is not a purchase, it's a "advance order".

3) People have said that when they did their advance purchase the website said there was a 4 to 9 day delay for shipping. The delay has now changed to 4 to 9 weeks. What a difference!

You now have some facts which will help you decide what to do with your hard earned money. More than a hundres people e-mailed me about this (this is why I wrote this article).

For the reasons mentionned above, I DO NOT RECOMMEND purchasing the DVD from this French distributor.

People should wait for the official release. If you can't wait, I recommend taking your advance order from a widely known company such as AMAZON.COM when the DVD is available. If you want to be e-mailed when the DVD is made available, simply scroll to the bottom of this page and subscribe.

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