GNR related mistake in "Training Day" soundtrack on AMAZON.COM
Training Day soundtrack has a track entitled "Guns N' Roses" from The Neptunes

(this story has been edited since it was published)

Click here to go listen to the song!

Guns N' Roses Fans got all excited when they discovered that the description of song number 12 on the soundtrack for the movie "Training Day" on (released on CD on September 11th 2001) contained the words Guns N' Roses in the description of the track.

Could it be true? Too good to be true? The description still mentions Guns N' Roses this day.

It first seemed like a mistake. It's actually a gong that's entitled Guns N' Roses, not the group description. After hearing the song, one can easilly confirm that it's not GNR playing. usually has links at the bottom of a description that permits to listen to sound samples from a album. You can click any of the above images and schroll to the bottom to go listen to the song.


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