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Allstar - CDNOW's daily music news Edited by Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna

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Miss Truth

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January 10, 2002
Miss Truth
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Jan 9, 2002

Your daily dose of gossip, rumors, innuendoes, sarcasm, and hearsay...

"A cool site for pop music gossip." -- The New York Times

Gavin and Gwen
It's about time! After about six years of dating, Gavin Rossdale is finally planning on making an honest woman of
No Doubt bombshell Gwen Stefani.

Gavin did tell reporters a few months ago that he and Gwen would be engaged by the end of last year. He was off by just one day, as the Bush frontman popped the question on New Year's Day, Jan. 1.

"On the morning of January 1, 2002, Gavin Rossdale of the band Bush proposed to Gwen Stefani of No Doubt. Stefani happily accepted, and the two will set a wedding date later in 2002," reads the statement her reps sent out late Tuesday (Jan. 8).


Michael Jackson
Though the folks at the American Music Awards, which air on ABC Wednesday (Jan. 9) night, announced that Michael Jackson would be appearing live onstage to accept his Artist of the Century Award and to perform "Man in the Mirror" (allstar, Jan. 7), all the industry's abuzz as to whether the self-proclaimed King of Pop will do just that.

Reports surfaced Wednesday morning that, in lieu of a live performance, there actually will be a video of a performance of Jackson's 1988 hit, though Jackson is still expected to be on hand to accept the award. The change, if it's indeed true, undoubtedly came under the unspoken threat from the GRAMMY Awards, who frown on artists performing on the AMAs a month before their awards show.

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Jan 8, 2002

Axl Rose and Slash
Another reason has emerged for the continuing bad blood between
Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose and former guitarist Slash.

Rose reportedly told a fan at one of the band's recent Las Vegas concerts, where Slash was turned away at the door (allstar, Jan. 2), that he was angry at the guitarist for not "signing off" on a deal that would see a remake of the song "Welcome to the Jungle" used in the new Ridley Scott movie, Black Hawk Down.

The film's music supervisor, Kathy Nelson, confirmed to allstar that her company had been dealing unsuccessfully with Guns N' Roses' reps to include that song in the soundtrack, due out next Tuesday (Jan. 15), but she adds that she says she has no knowledge of the group's internal business.

"I found out that it's incredibly difficult to license Guns N' Roses songs," says Nelson. "We tried for the rights to the original masters, and then a re-recorded version. We came close, but it just wasn't going to happen."

Nelson adds that the movie is based on a true story and "Welcome to the Jungle" was the song playing during the real life incident, so the filmmakers were hoping to land the song for accuracy's sake. The track "Minstrel Boy" by Joe Strummer was used instead.

Sources close to the band confirm that at the best of times GN'R is notoriously reluctant to license their songs, and also note that the incident was not the first. Industry rumors of discontent circulated in 1999 over the use of "Sweet Child O' Mine" on the Big Daddy soundtrack. Rose reportedly promised the movie's producers that they could use a re-recorded version of the song, but met resistance from Slash and former bassist Duff McKagan.

The song, which "morphs" from the original into a new version with tracks added by the new band, ended up buried deep in the credits and not included on the album, amid threats of legal action. Another version recorded by Sheryl Crow, thought to have been a compromise, is also in the movie. Speculation says that this time around, the old members just wouldn't let it happen at all.

In other news, Slash has confirmed to a British publication that he did indeed disband his group, Slash's Snakepit. "You can't reinvent the start of Snakepit. That was my little thing, and it was a blast, seeing all those guys kind of doing it for the first time, but I was kind of carrying everybody through that," Slash reportedly told Classic Rock magazine, adding that he would be doing a Slash solo album in the near future.

The guitarist is currently without management or a label and was unavailable for comment. (Sorelle Saidman)

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Jan 7, 2002

We're not sure how the other nominees spent the rest of their GRAMMY Awards nominations day, but we can tell you that India.Arie, who garnered a whopping seven nominations (
allstar, Jan. 4), went back to her hotel and went to sleep.

The stoic Arie, who debuted with the acclaimed Acoustic Soul early last year, is not overly fond of the music biz hoopla, i.e., star styling, parties, limousines, and the like. ("That's not why I make music," she says).

The earthy Arie has been known to decline high-profile glitz gigs in favor of low-key charity performances. Notes manager Jack Ponti: "She's just as happy playing guitar in a coffee shop." (Sorelle Saidman)

Willa Ford
For those keeping track, it seems that MTV's hunkiest host Carson Daly and rising pop tart Willa Ford really are NOT dating after all.

Carson told L.A. alternative station KROQ on Monday (Jan. 7) that he was too shell-shocked from his breakup with former fiancé Tara Reid last year to really get back into the dating pool. Carson and Willa had been dodging the question for several months now, and no one's seemed to really get a straight answer out of them. At one point, Willa made reporters believe that the two are indeed an item, but Carson now says it's simply not true.

Backstreet Boys
Ooops! Someone goofed: Now, it's certainly not beneath us to take pop, er, potshots, at pop stars, but the mishap in our GRAMMY nomination story on Friday (Jan. 4) really was a mistake. The writer of the story, Troy J. Augusto, had placed "dummy copy" in the list of nominations to get the format down that read, Backstreet Boys' "Please Kill Us," instead of "Shape of My Heart." It has since been corrected and we apologize if this offended any BSB fans. This time, we didn't mean it. ;-)

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Jan 4, 2002

Mariah Carey
Who dissed whom in 2001? Well, we thought you'd ask, so here are Miss Truth's picks for the top 10 disses from musicians to musicians in the past 12 months:

10. Indigo Girls' Amy Ray to Rolling Stone magazine: Indigo Girls' Amy Ray used her first solo album, Stag, as a way to get a few messages across, one of which was aimed at Rolling Stone magazine Editor and Publisher Jann S. Wenner. In her song, "Lucystoners," Ray sings, "Janny Wenner, Janny Wenner, Rolling Stone's most fearless leader/Gave the boys what they deserved/But with the girls he lost his nerve." (allstar, Jan. 5)

9. Les Claypool to George W. Bush: "Well boys and girls, it's finally done. Soup's ready. Open the lid and grab a spoonful of some shit stew. The little weasel-faced car salesman made it into the White House. God help anyone who's gonna need an abortion or some medical cannabis. There's a fat bar-b-que in Texas tonight and I think we are the carnage on the spit." –- Les Claypool's rant on his message boards shortly before Bush's inaugural ball. (allstar, Jan. 12)

8. Everlast to Eminem's camp: "D12 is 12 people, not six, you fucking morons," –- Everlast said of the Eminen offshooot, D12, which features six members, onstage at St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit in February. The two camps have had an ongoing battle all year. (allstar, Feb. 5)

7. Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst to Christina Aguilera: "I DONT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH CRISTINA A. SHE IS A BRAT WITH A GREAT BUTT!!" –- Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst in a posting on Limp Bizkit's official Web site following rumors that the two "hooked up." (allstar, Feb. 1)

6. The Strokes to NYPD: "Fuck it, fuck it. We like this song. We live in New York. It's fucked up. The cops have killed a lot more people than they're saying and that's the fuckin' truth." -- lead singer Julian Casablancas said onstage at Toronto's Horseshoe Tavern in October about their song, "New York Cops," which in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, the band pulled from its album Is This It. (allstar, Oct. 4)

5. Gorillaz to Mercury Music Prize: Animated hipsters Gorillaz decided they were too cool for the 2001 Mercury Music Prize, so they announced that they are turning down the nomination. "Mercury Award? Sounds a bit heavy man! Y'know sorta like carrying a dead albatross round your neck for eternity. No thanks man! Why don't you nominate some other poor Muppet!" said Murdoc. (allstar, July 24) Not surprisingly, the award ended up going to P.J. Harvey. (allstar, Sept. 12)

4. Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic to Courtney Love: Nirvana's surviving members filed a suit against the widow of Kurt Cobain for control over the Nirvana legacy and issued a letter to fans, saying, "[Courtney Love's] actions are only about the revitalization of her career motivated solely by her blind self-interest. She couldn't care less about Nirvana fans. She is suing Nirvana's music as a bargaining chip to increase leverage for her personal gain, without any regard for the Nirvana legacy. Our music is just a pawn in her endless legal battles and her obsessive need for publicity and attention." (allstar, Dec. 13)

3. Moby to Eminem: "He's very good at what he does, and he's very clever, but he's also a misogynist, a homophobe, a racist, and an anti-Semite. I don't see how I can lend any sort of support to an artist like that." -- Moby on Eminem backstage at the GRAMMY Awards. (allstar, Feb. 22)

2. TV Guide to Lip-Syncing: "[Britney] Spears' use of recorded tracks was even more obvious, giving her Nov. 18 HBO special the occasional look of a Japanese monster movie." –- TV Guide in their most scathing Jeers item of the year about the year's most infamous lip-syncers –- Spears, Michael Jackson, and Jennifer Lopez

1. Everyone to Mariah Carey: It wasn't just the press that had a field day with Mariah Carey's physical and mental breakdown in July, entertainers used it as comic material as well. Among the more famous quotes are:

  • "I'm having a Mariah Carey." -- Usher in US magazine on his stress level
  • On an episode of Will and Grace a character asked how bad something was, and the answer came: "Mariah Carey in Glitter bad."
  • Saturday Night Live's Jimmy Fallon used it in his "Weekend Update" when he said the U.S. military was searching for Osama bin Laden in all the places no one would go: "Like theaters showing Mariah Carey's film."
  • And, even actor Brad Pitt got in on the action in Vanity Fair when he talked about his hard time with success, saying, "I thought about pulling a Mariah Carey, [but went through 18 months of therapy instead]." (allstar, Miss Truth, Nov. 7)


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