K-DOGG concert review from the Las Vegas December 29th concert

Thank God I was at last year's HOB concert. The way I describe this concert to those who have asked me is that this concert would have blown last year's away if it wasn't for the screwup with Axl's mike.

Everything else was better: the band was playing the hell out of their instruments. Axl sounded great until his mike went out (4th song) and he looked fantastic. He must have seen pictures and read some reviews about him being bloated because he came in SHREDDED! This was my 5th GNR concert and even with the mike screwup, I has a blast.

When I saw them open for the Stones in "89 with all original members, if this sound problem happened Axl would have stormed offstage and never looked back. Axl and I have one thing in common, we've both definitely matured with age.

-K-DOGG/Las Vegas


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