Poem sent by a UK Gunner

This poem was sent by
Mike 'MINION' Bracher, Southampton England. The atuhor expresses his sentiments concerning the twice cancelled European tour. Read it to the end it's very good.

It took me three fuckin hours,
And a massive phone bill,
But i got the last two tickets,
And I was thrilled.
London Arena,
December one four,
I'd never heard anything like it before,
We know it's not the band of old,
But Rock in Rio was solid gold.
So we booked the tickets,
And those for the train,
We waited and waited,
But they never came.
55 for the tickets,
50 for the train,
But the rail didn't refund,
So we lost again.
Now i'm not angry at Mr. rose,
What's going on in that band no-body knows,
I don't trust the tabloids or the Hit-Parade,
I just wait and see what Axl will say.
He spoke at Rio,
And the greatest sound,
Was that of Axl addressing the crowd.
No hint of contempt, arrogance or spite,
Just a man much wiser,
And the anger channeled right.
Izzy, Slash, Duff and Rose,
Writing tales of glories, loves and woes,
But this amazing band of men you see,
We definately not lying on 'Out ta get me'.
It was brilliant for years,
Kings for a while,
Bringing talent and soul,
To the bland Rock isle.
But one-by-one they came apart,
They lost the fire in their hearts,
It just was never gonna be the same,
And they'll never play together again.
The reason for this fallout,
I don't know why,
They all seem like such brilliant guys,
But they had some issues,
And even though they tried,
The old Guns n' Roses had to die.
This loss was the same as Kurt Cobain,
People can't bear not to hear them again,
But the nature of life,
So they told,
Is not like the fairy tales of old.
And so they went their separate ways,
Lets hope they'll all see better days,
So Slash, Duff, Matt and Izzy,
We hope you'll all be keeping busy,
And we'll wait and see what now you do,
Thanks for memories all of you.

So people come and people go,
Lets not worry about past band woes,
The new ensemble,
Strange though they are,
Are the best rock act on the planet by far.
Slipknot scream,
And that's alright,
Anger keeps the balance right,
Corey Taylor has great anger as everyone knows,
But he ain't in the League of Axl Rose
But this new band of secrecy,
Can touch every emotion,
And stay in key.
November Rain and Shotgun Blues,
Critics say it's all old news,
Gunners on the other hand,
Are the ones that really understand,
Coz we like what they have to say,
And no one else writes songs that way.
The interest in democratic Chinese,
Seems to work for positive means,
No more fighting here today,
Just a band who's music blows you away.
And so this man i have never met,
This American singer from Lafayette,
Has put together another try,
To get rock music back on high,
And I find that the greatest hypocrisy,
Is in the comments by the press and industry,
THEY call the new band a gaggle of freaks,
That's typical fucking journalist speak.
And so Bill Bailey,
Please understand,
I mean no harm by this small rant,
I do not wish to pass judgment,
I write this to express our sentiments,
We so looked foward,
All summer long,
To getting drunk off our face and singing along,
In the sweet embrace of Wembley arena,
Paradise City couldn't sound sweeter.
But as you say,
And as I've heard,
Mr. Goldstein went and booked it with out a word,
Yet that's still something that i can take,
Coz everybody makes mistakes.
But please William Axl,
No more mistakes,
We beg you to make sure everything's straight,
Now it might sound as though i'm being sarcastic,
But I'm not it's just my English accent,
I mean absolutely no disrespect,
I'm sure it's hard when everyone says,
That Axl Rose has had his days,
But I believe what you said about the tour,
Lets not have any more,
He made a mistake and that's alright,
He's only fuckin human rite?
So far so good,
It's all been sound,
We knew one day you'd come around,
With no bitch slap rappin,
Or cocaine tongue,
And it'll all be worth the waiting around,
So thanks for RIO, and New Years Eve,
We know you've got a gem up your sleeve,
And it's something the critics won't believe,
So appetite stunned them in round one,
Use Your Illusion in the second one,
Chinese Democracy is up for three,
And it's sure to bring them to their sha-na-na-na knees,
So please inform us when you are ready,
To rock again fast or steady,
We need to hear that sweet Guitar,
And Hear the voice scream,

Written by
Mike 'MINION' Bracher, Southampton England


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Mike 'MINION' Bracher, Southampton England

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