GNR fans confirm 31st concert was not sold out

Both events had very slow ticket sales. Tickets to both the 29th and the 31st concert where still available online from ticketmaster 24 hours before the event. Note that tickets are pulled off Ticketmaster in the 24 hours prior to any event because of obvious constraints.

GNR fans have reported that the 29th concert probably "seemed" sold out. But GNR fans almost unanimously say that the December 31st event dif not look fully sold out even though if there was lotf of people there and that the floor was packed.

Here's what
Bradley S. Gellman had to say on Jan 3rd 2001 when asked if the concert seemed sold out or not:

"There were plenty of scalpers trying to get whatever they could for the tickets, so, no, I dont think it was sold out."


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