Axl walked off stage at the 29th concert

Axl rose walked off stage at the December 29th concert in Las Vegas. His mikle stopped working in the song "Oh My God" in he 29th concert, and he apparently got very pissed about it (very understandable). As one GNR fan put it, he "looked evil as hell" to the technicians backstage. Axl came back after the song, the mike problem was fixed and the GNr fans enjoyed themselves the rest of the evening. There where a few other technical problems at this concert:

Jamie corridon reported:
"The sound was screwed up early in the show and during Oh My God Axl’s mic went out and he got really really pissed. He threw the microphone and walked to the side of the stage and stared in the sound technician's face…looked evil as hell…more evil than what he looked like at Rio. So Tommy sang almost the rest. During the end of the song, Robin got pissed and threw his guitar at the speaker and it broke and then threw the mic stand across the stage."

"Jaz" reported:
"There were some technical problems that seemed to be aimed mostly at Axl and Buckethead. Something like this happening to what many consider the two most important members of the band might have one think the show was doomed but overall it actually turned out very impressive. In one instance at the intro of some song, Bucket's guitar notes would flunctuate high and low and he eventually walked off as if knowing the song was being blown or if to get away from some feedback zone. Axl's vocals also slipped off during Oh My God and had me wondering what was going on. At one point they even had one of the technicians onstage changing Axl's pocket microphone connection. Obviously they were pissed about it but that'd be expected from two perfectionists aiming for the best sound and show for thier audience. Despite those problems, the ability of the band to keep the show going tells one what a perfectly working unit the band is in overcoming these problems."

Another GNR fan reported:
"Early in the show, mabey the 3rd or 4th song, Axl's mike when out.  He was singing but you couldn't hear him at all.  He was getting pissed, and rightfully so.  At the end of the song Axl walked off stage.  Robin took his guitar and threw it in anger.  He and the rest of the band walked off the stage. A backstage guy came on a mic and said the problem would be fixed."

General impression of the fans is that Axl was rightfully upsed about the technical problems. He did came back after when the technical problems where fixed and I'm sure everyone was quite happy about it (and relieved..). GNR fans did mention that in the end, the concert was impressive!


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