Mandy's review of the "31st" concert (via e-mail)

*New Years Eve Show Review*

Hey ya'll :) Heres my best attempt at a review...All I have to say about the show is "OMG!" Today is the 1st and i'm far from settled.. I'm currently sitting in my room at the Monte Carlo looking out and seeing the neon lite up guitar of the HRH.. damnn I'm still totally hyped off all the adrenaline from the show!

I arrived at *The Hard Rock Hotel* at 3:15 p.m. My plan was just to come see what * The Joint * looked like and was going to come back in a couple hours cause my hotel wasn't too far of a hike..When we got there..there were about 15 people lined up so despite my rents wanting me to come back in a few hours..I had to stay..ha there is no way was I going to give up the chance of front row!! My mom was real cool bout it and stayed at the Hard Rock to gamble while I waited.. what totaled .. 5 and a half lovely hours before the doors even opened, not to mention the close to 3 hours we waitied inside The Joint.. NO COMPLAINTS tho it was worth the wait hands down! I met some great people in line! Some true die hard gunners which was so great! We literally talked about the band the whole time we waited in line :) I'm so glad that I'm not the only GNR spazz out there! hehe If you guys *you know who you are* read this please email me I'd love to stay in contact with ya'll! You were the greatest :)

When the doors opened at 8pm we had to wait in yet another line inside the casino. While waiting next to the slot machines this security guy came up to me and a few other guys around me and asked our ages and since we are under 21 we were asked to come to another line and got to go in The Joint first..lucky ones.. Yeah being youngin! haha Once inside we all ran to the front where a railing held us back about 4 feet from the stage.
The pushing and shoving for your "territory" was on..eeks! :-P

The show began about 10:50pm and ended around 1am. I can't even put it into words how amazing that concert was! Axl looked great! He was in wonderful spirits and had a body that made me ALL smiles! :) :) :) Not to sound like a total obsessor.. but he touched my hand during the concert...WOW!! haha ok, I'm a dork but that made me pretty damn excited!

The entire concert appeared to be without a technical glitch, which I had heard from a few other gunners was not the case for the show on the 29th. The energy at The Joint throughout the entire show show was incredible, every second of the concert was amazing. The new band was crazy! They were all moving around and looked to be enjoying themselves tremendously! Axl was dancing,running around,smiling and just going nuts! I was in total awe..well I still am :)

Here's what I got as the Setlist ... if i'm alil wrong..sorry :)

Welcome To The Jungle
It's So Easy
Mr. Brownstone
Live And Let Die
Oh My God
My Michelle
Think About You
You Could Be Mine
Sweet Child O' Mine
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
November Rain
Out Ta Get Me
Rocket Queen
Chinese Democracy
The Blues
Paradise City

When Axl came out he was dressed in cream colored pants. I'm pretty sure they were *leather* and he had on a #44 Florida State Seminole Jersey. His hair was so cute! Some say it was dreads..but looked like a bunch of little braids to me! it was way cute :) He was wearing a black watch rimmed with diamonds. Axl had a few outfit changes..the second change was a dark-bluish corduroy jacket which he wore for a couple of the songs and then wore the same Prince Valiant-type purplish coat that I heard he wore at the 29th show. And his last and final change came for Paradise City he wore a shiny sparklish-blue shirt left open, it was hott!

Robin wore a one piece black and red suit. He had one long sleeve on one side, and sleeveless on the other with the cut off sleeve or a stocking on his arm.

Buckethead wore Lakers warmup pants, and a long-sleeve shirt with a red and white striped apron. His KFC bucket had a sticker with the word “Funeral” on it. When November Rain began he came out with a new logo KFC bucket and when we started his solo, the bucket rotated around his head. I noticed later on he was wearing a different bucket..We think it was a Hard Rock Casino bucket.

Paul wore black leather pants and a shiny shirt.

Tommy came out in a checkered 3-piece suit. He took the jacket off after a couple of songs and wore a white wife beater for the rest of the show. I like him because he seemed really cool ..lots of eye contact and some smiles :)

Brain wore a regular t-shirt ..Axl was bragging about brains "F'ing" great abilities on drums!

Dizzy looked great! His body was slimmer then I remember in the past and he seemed to be in a great mood as well! He wore a tank top and pants with a chain hanging from his belt.

Chris was wearing a gas mask and then put on some kind of a mask that had a beak. It was hard for me to see him up in the corner of the stage.

Axl was pretty invovled with the are some things I remember:

-He held up a copy of the "Welcome Back Axl" ad that was published earlier this week in LA Weekly and thanked the fans for there support!

- Near the start of the concert someone threw up a pink rose and Axl put it in his mouth for a few seconds.

- A hotel towel that said "CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH WAS FIXED!" was thrown up by Mark (he's a doll!) and Axl held it up for the audience and laughed it was a cute moment

-A red white and blue bandana was also thrown on stage and Axl wrapped around his microphone and kept it on stage with him.

He also asked if there were any people in the audience that had attended the 29th show and asked them if tonites show moved alot better.. and they all screamed which showed it was! hell yea!

Axl also talked about a former manager and said something like “We’re gonna tour, not for the industry, not for something or someone, but for ourselves.” Then he talked more but I couldn't really understand what he said.. but I did hear him say that, “These are the first two shows I’ve ASKED to do in 10 years.” ...Certainly made my world that they did!

Buckethead did a couple of solos, “Wish Upon A Star” and then something else and then “Star Wars Theme” He also did the best numchucks perfomance i've ever seen! He then threw them in the audience and he danced around for alil, it was so dope! Later in the show a butler with a silver tray walked over to him he lifted the lid of the had a bloody rubber hand that he later used for one of his solos then threw in the audience and this dope Jersey guy caught it!

Robin was really tight! he jumped into the audience and crowd surfed almost to the back of the venue and all the way back to the front at the end of the concert..

Silk Worms began at 11:54 and ended at 11:59pm timed perfectly for the much anticipated stroke of midnite! 2 confetti guns at the front of the stage, and two from the ceiling went off and tons of red,white and blue balloons fell from the ceiling! Everyone and everything was covered! It was great! Tommy grabbed a handful of confetti and stuck it on his face and he was all it stuck he looked like a pinata it was entertaining..hehe :) funny guy

The whole band and audience were full of energy and to me it seemed a great fucking time was had by all!! It was my first Guns concert and I will NEVER forget a second of it!!!!

Ohh yea not to forget the blonde camera guy and all the security guys I met..ya'll were cool as hell!!

*Mandy*... dunno if this helps identify me but I was the chick with the cowboy hat on and purple jean jacket :)



Used with permission from Mandy.

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