Tuesday January 23 2001 

Singer Axl Rose is in Chile  
El Mercurio 
Marses January 23 2001  
At the 21:00 hours, in the flight 532 of Lan Chile coming from Buenos Aires arrived yesterday to the country the American rockero Axl Rose, leader and vocalist of the band Guns N' Roses. 
The singer's visit, in plan of vacations, would be due to that the members of the group Iron Maiden - who, the same as him, they played in Rock in River III and they will visit the country soon to record a video - they recommended him to take a rest in Chile. This way, they are discarded the artistic reasons for the presence of the rocker. 
Only accompanied by a bodyguard, the vocalist of Guns N' Roses happened practically inadvertent in the air terminal. Without using any special road to be retired it went quickly without causing bigger commotion in a minibus that he/she waited for it in the exit of the enclosure. 
The disobedient singer's educated and impeccable arrival, the same one that in their visit previous to Chile in 1992 it threw bottles from their room in the hotel Hyatt, it suffered from the police pursuit when being revised their piece to know if they had indications of drugs and drunkard arrived at the National Stadium. He/she fits to remember that in their recent estada in River of Janeiro repeated their incorrectness again: it threw a lamp and several glasses from their room in the floor 17 of the hotel where he stayed.

Source: El Mercurio