There will be more information as it becomes available.

Show started at 3:35am and lasted until 5:35am (including one encore of 2 new one and the final song of the show...Paradise City).

Show opened with Welcome The Jungle, then It's So Easy, Mr Brownstone, Oh My God and Live and Let Die.

Other songs in the set included...Nightrain, My Michelle, Patience, November Rain, You Could Be Mine, Sweet Child Of Mine, Knockin On Heaven's Door and about 4 new songs, including Chinese Democracy and one called Blues. I may have left some out...and these aren't in the order which they were played...far too much to remember.

I wasn't overly impressed with the new material with the exception of Blues...most was not very "musical"

The band sounded great...Buckethead was wierd...he wore of KFC bucket on his head the entire show with a white "phantom of the opera" type mask...during the short drum solo he came out and did num-chucks, which he threw into the audience after.

A few technical glitches with the sound and the piano...Axl was funny, he said how before he would have thrown a fit and all the papers would have written about what an asshole he is. So, when the piano wouldn't work...he said, "how 'bout we do Patience instead." He hopped up on the piano and while the rest of the band was getting ready for the different song the crowd started chanting "Welcome Back!" Axl was very appreciative and it was a real cool mement in the show.

It was a pretty small stage, so there wasn't much set other than a huge video wall (at least 20' x 40') behind which projected close-ups of the show along with pre-roll funky video of everything from war atrocities to swimming dolphins.

Axl did say that he felt wierd about playing the old material...and the band first got together to rehearse for the show this past Thursday...perhaps that's why it was a bit rough around the edges in places.

Well, that about does it. The show was fantastic...worth every penny...and I've got one helluva concert T-Shirt to prove I was there. The front says "Guns N Roses * Live * New Years Eve * Las Vegas 01-01-01" with the Chinese Democracy design and on the back it reads "Chinese Democracy Starts Now"

Hopefully it won't be another 7 years before I see them again.

Happy New Year All!

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