Brian S. Gellman review of the "29th" concert (via e-mail)

Thought you might like to know that the new years show in Vegas was absolutely amazing!! I heard the show the other day sucked, but these guys rocked the fucking walls off the Hard Rock. Axel, late as usual by an hour and half, made up for it as he was on top of his game and actually appeared happy as a clam to be out there. He said (half laughing) it was the first time he actually had to ask to play somewhere and thanked everyone for coming out. He empahasized that this is not a tour, just a couple shows so that the band could get a feel for each other. He also looked like he has been hitting the stairmaster or something because I was expecting some big bafoon of Axel and the man was pretty ripped. Abs and all!

The new band covers GNR exremely well. They were hard, loud and I could not tell the difference. That chicken fingered Buckethead and strange spiderly looking dude really make up for Slash and Izzy. The drummer punds the shit out those bad boys. If they can make some music that sounds half as good as what I heard tonight, we are all in for a treat!!!

Regards and happy new year from Vegas,

Bradley S. Gellman


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