Unknown review of the "29th" concert (via e-mail)

I cant help but compare this show with the show last year on NYE at the HOB. I think both shows rocked but I'd have to say last years was slightly better, even though Ax said they werent prepared and not exactly wanting to play. This year they all looked better, especially Axl, but then I've always been partial and never really seen him look so bad. Whoever handled the equipment last year had it all working right, whereas this year the AX mans mike went out early on in the show and he got pissed, then the crowd started getting pissy, its like I know if I was up there puttin all my hard work into the show and payin a sound guy to keep things working I'd be pissed off too. Cant sing w/o a mike after all!! This years crowd was full of assholes........"Where's Slash?" Yeah, most of us would like to see a reconciliation there cuz they are the dynamic duo of metal, but get a grip, you knew he wasnt playin before you got a ticket so shut the

F*** up!! No encore this year which was really a bummer, I enjoyed myself immensley and will continue to wait for the album and hopefully I'll get another B-Day with Axl next year.



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