Las Vegas 29th
Concert review #2 - Jamie Corridon

Here's a concert review from Jamie Corridon:

The concert went from 10:50 to 12:50pm..,no encore. (prob.because the audience was weak) Opened with jungle..,then It's so easy.,Mr.B..,then batting cleanup was Knockin' on heavens door. So far very cool..,The Jungle made my ears bleed & a chick fell flat on her face drunk 3 minutes before the band went on. They carried her away quickly(hope shes ok) Buckethead went into a solo for about 15 minutes....that guy was wacked..,He wore a mask on his face & sported a KFC bucket on his head the whole show. It was a great solo..he even did a little Eruption by VH. At this point I'm on my 4th Gin&Tonic...,so a little hazy it is...,There new tunes were excellent.,(about 3 or 4)...Axl went on ranting for a solid 15 minutes about whats been going on with the band in the last year...,people didn't seem to mind until he bad mouthed the old band.....created strong boos....,he rebounded and went right into i think "Lies".......anyhoo it was bullshit there was no encore....but I didn't cry too hard..,since I was in need of oxygen anyway.

Jamie Corridon

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Used with permission from Jamie Corridon:

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