Critics say setlist way too similar to last years

Before you draw any conclusion (or borrow someone else's), mabye you'd like to take a look at the comparison chart below and read my analysis.

Recent concert Setlist comparison chart

Las Vegas Dec 31st 2001

Las Vegas Dec 29th 2001 Rock In Rio III Jan 2001
Animated Intro Animated Intro Animated Intro
Welcome To The Jungle Welcome To The Jungle Welcome To The Jungle
It's So Easy It's So Easy It's So Easy
Mr. Brownstone Mr. Brownstone Mr. Brownstone
Live And Let Die Live And Let Die Live And Let Die
Oh My God Buckethead Guitar Solo Oh My God
My Michelle Oh My God Think About You
Think About You Think About You You Could Be Mine
You Could Be Mine Sweet Child O' Mine Sossego
Sweet Child O' Mine Knocking On Heavens Door Sweet Child O' Mine
Knocking On Heavens Door Madagascar Knocking On Heavens Door
November Rain November Rain (with piano intro) Madagascar / Buckethead Solo 1
Out To Get Me Out To Get Me November Rain
Rhiad & the Bedovins Rocket Queen Out To Get Me
Chinese Democracy Chinese Democracy Rocket Queen
Rocket Queen The Blues Chicken Binge
Patience Patience Chinese Democracy
The Blues My Michelle The Blues
Nightrain Silk Worms Patience
Silkworms Paradise City Nightrain / Guitar Solo
Paradice City   My Michelle
    Drum Solo
    Paradise City

At first, the setlist does look a bit similar. But after some thaught here's my quick personal analysis:

1) When you think about it, GNR concerts have almost always begun with the "It's so Eazy - Mr. Brownstone - Live And Let Die" combination. No superise here. Nobody ever complained about that in the past tours, in fact most people seemed to like it. I wouldn't want it ANY other way!

2) The (I was going to say recent.. hehe) addition of "Welcome To The Jungle" in first position dates back to the 1993 tour. What a great way to begin a concert! It just totally sets the mood! Just checkout theese people at Rock In Rio going nuts!. Plus I rather hear it in first position instead of 18th, this way Axl can sing it better in first position than in 18th position (ie. Indianapolis 1991, hikes!).

3) Next is a mix of classic hits such as "Sweet Child O' Mine", "Knocking On Heaven's Door" and "November Rain" and some new songs like "Oh My God" (Oh, this song just rocks live! I hope no future GNR concert will go without it), "Madagascar", and "Chinese Democracy".

4) Nightrain: Yep, looks like they've dropped it for the 29th concert. If GNR had played as many songs as in Rio, I would have stold myself that sometimes the band has to "make difficult choices" as to which songs to play. But it's not the case, so I'll agree with all those who think that "Nightrain" should have been up there.

5) Last but not least: "Paradice City". What a great way to end a concert. I think it's now a trademark for GNR to end the concert with "Paradice City". Would you expect anything else? No! Trust me this is what you want! Most GNR concerts that don't end with "Paradice City" are the ones that, humm, well, we won't get into that, well, ok, we'll just be polite and say the ones that ended abruptly.

6) In my opinion the setlist is O.K. and totally rocks. I'll run a comparison chart for the 31st concert, but it wouldn't be fair at all to criticize GNR if the setlist where exactly the same.

Everyone is welcome to share their opinion about the setlist in the messageboard or MYNRFORUM.

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