Jeff Boerio's review of the concert

Just back from the show. Band played 2 hours, no encores, and did not do Night Train, which was on the set list for the night. They also didn't do Buckethead's numchucks thing.

It wasn't without its difficulties. Right before Oh My God (4th song?), Axl walked off stage pissed about sound stuff. Came back on, didn't want to be there. After Oh My God, I thought the show was over. Axl walked off again because of mic problems. Robin threw his guitar, threw Axl's mic stand, and I thought the place would erupt.

But, Axl came back and finished the night. He never once talked to the crowd, saying hello or anything like that. He did bitch to the sound guy, suggesting that as long as Axl stayed in one spot, there wouldn't be any feedback (and for an in-ear monitor system, I'm sure it was a bitch). He also had one tirade, see below.

Rumors are that Slash was in the house to watch the show. Some rumors say that he was denied entrance into The Joint. Linda, can you check this out?

He went on a tirade before November Rain about why the album wasn't done, about how/why the Europe tours didn't happen, etc. He said tonight's show was the first show he ASKED to do, versus being asked to do last NYE and RIR. Apparently, he found out from the internet about the June shows in Europe and subsequently in December. I guess that explains Doug's fax about the cancellation of the tour. He said Buckethead and Robin had never met before rehearsals for the HOB gig last year. He said that things were better as a band now this year. He said he was out with the old last year and in with the new this year, and made references to Duff and Slash and other former GNR members using the band's celebrity status for themselves, which brought a chorus of boos from the crowd.

Starting with November Rain, there were a string of several very, very good songs, including The Blues and Chinese Democracy. Other songs played were Jungle, It's So Easy, Paradise City (last song), Think About You, My Michelle, Sweet Child O' Mine, Madagascar, Silk Worms, Live and Let Die, and KOHD. No Rhiad, and like I said earlier, no Nightrain. I'm sure JohnM will have the complete, correct setlist on his web site soon (

Tonight, in general, I was impressed with Robin and Brain. Tommy put in a good show, and Dizzy was great on The Blues. I don't get Chris Pitman; he wore a stocking over his face for most of the show. Buckethead had on some yellow rain suit and wore a backpack for some indescribable reason.

Ron Jeremy, former porn star was in attendance with several porn actresses.

One more emergency to handle, then I think I'm gonna try and sleep.

- Jeff


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