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Okay.  I have just returned to Philadelphia from Las Vegas.  It is currenty 9:20 p.m. Sunday, and I have had 5 hours sleep since Friday morning.  I attended the GNR show and would like to share what I observed:

I was worried that Axl wouldn't go on stage until 3:30 a.m. and my flight left at 6:60am Sunday.  I got in line at 7:30 p.m. and there were already a large line to get in.  I still wound up around 15 feet away from the stage. And may I take the time to say that there were some fans there that were flat out idiots who can't handle their alcohol no matter how cool they think they are.  Luckily Axl went on stage only about 45 minutes to an hour late.  The show opened with a new video.  It featured some guy running away from a tank.  Then the band comes out and Axl was dressed in a L.A. Raiders Football jersey.  At this point I am thinking Axl looked younger than he did on the Rio video.  He opened w/ Welcome to the Jungle and then It So Easy.  Axl stuck with the same lineup of songs from Rio pretty much.  Early in the show, mabey the 3rd or 4th song, Axl's mike when out.  He was singing but you couldn't hear him at all.  He was getting pissed, and rightfully so.  At the end of the song Axl walked off stage.  Robin took his guitar and threw it in anger.  He and the rest of the band walked off the stage.  A backstage guy came on a mic and said the problem would be fixed.  About four or five minutes later the band retook the stage.  They really sounded like they had been practicing.  They were tottally in synche with each other.  BucketHead did an awesome guitar solo with the Star Wars song the play when showing Darth Vader.  Now to the Axl rant.  He said for the Use Your ILLusions tour he never wanted to do it and the record company booked it w/o asking him.  He said the same thing happened with this European tour so he cancelled it.  But I thought that was b/c of Buckethead;s illness.  He said that tonights show was the first show in 10 years that he asked to be setup.  He said that the record company and himself were "dropping the ball" on the new alblum.  He talked about Oh My God and said he didn't want to have that along with 3 other B side songs and throw it out as a record.  He said if you if you don't like the new stuff he released that's fine, but he said he works on it every day.  He talked about a gossip spreading Internet whore spreading rumors.  He may of been speaking about Xozi.  He said that a fan in an elavator thanked him for doing the show and that really touched him.  At some point Axl changed shirts and had on this Long black colonial looking shirt that was unbuttoned.  The reason he was looking younger to me was becuase Axl has gotten himself back in shape.  he lost the gut.  He looked great.  They did no encore.  Overall, great show.  They sounded great.  These replacement guys can play.  Can they write songs and touch listeners like Slash could, well that will be a challenge.  I had an actioned packed 2 nights of partying in Vegas and i am ready to go to bed.


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