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Guns N’ Roses Cancel Euro Tour
Frank Meyer, Managing Editor
Friday, November 09, 2001 11:02 AM

Guns N’ Roses Cancel European Tour To Continue Work On Long-Awaited Album

In the “Geez, big surprise” category…

Axl Rose’s revamped Guns N’ Roses have yet again cancelled their European tour. This time around though, it is not due to an illness contracted by guitarist Buckethead or anything related to terrorism. No, this time the cancellation is due to manager Doug Goldstein booking the tour when the band still needed to be finishing up their long awaited album Chinese Democracy.

In an official statement issued by the band’s European agent yesterday, October 8th, Goldstein claims that “following the euphoria of [the band's appearance at the] Rock in Rio [concert], I jumped the gun and arranged a European tour as our plan was to have the new album out this year. Unfortunately, [guitarist] Buckethead's illness not only stopped the tour, but it slowed down our progress on Chinese Democracy. As a result, touring right now is logistically impossible.”

Guns N’ Roses originally scheduled their European headlining tour for June, but eventually cancelled, citing an unspecified stomach ailment suffered by guitarist Buckethead. The dates were then rebooked for December.

"I am very sorry to disappoint our fans,” said Goldstein, “but I can assure them that this is not what Axl wanted, nor is it 'another page from the Howard Hughes of rock,' as some media will no doubt portray it. I made a plan, and unfortunately it did not work out.

“The good news is that everyone is ecstatic with the album and we will be meeting with the label to schedule its release, following which we will announce the rescheduled dates to coincide. GUNS N’ ROSES look forward to seeing everybody next year, and once again, please accept my apologies for the way this has played out."

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READER RANTS  (You must be logged in to KNAC to add your own rant!)
  • satan ranted on 11/11/2001 08:53 AM ...
    Who cares?! GNR is over!
  • webmeister ranted on 11/10/2001 03:45 PM ...
    BOSTON recorded and released 2 albums faster than "Axl & Friends" can record ONE...
  • fizzgig ranted on 11/10/2001 10:36 AM ...
    Jimmy is of course right, and didn't GnR and Goldstein have kind of a falling-out not too long ago? Thought I heard Axl fired Goldstein at one point. As for new GnR, man, I don't even hardly care anymore! I've gotten along eight years or more without this band, and I'm still here.
  • SadamAGoGo ranted on 11/10/2001 08:56 AM ...
    How many fucking years does it take to make an album? Fuck a Guns N' Roses reunion tour, how aobut Carcass and At The Gates reunite and do a joint US slaughter tour.
  • jimmymetal ranted on 11/10/2001 08:22 AM ...
    If Goldstein can blunder that bad than he shouldn't be in this business!!! Horrible spin (keep blaming Buckethead too) and not really a big loss to the metal scene if this album/tour never comes to pass. This just gives Axl more time on how to approach Slash, Duff, Izzy about make the calls Axl!!!
  • slinkx ranted on 11/10/2001 07:35 AM ...
    I want to see if Buckethead can hang.
  • themetalmaster ranted on 11/10/2001 07:14 AM ...
    The saga of the Axel Rose band continues.... The new album may kick ass, but calling the band Guns 'n' Roses is a load of crap.
  • Babyborderline ranted on 11/10/2001 04:27 AM ...
    What can I say... even though I'm not surprised, I'm one of thousands who HOPED, PRAYED and WAITED for the tour to come through this time! I still love the old GnR and what they did, but I also want to hear Axl and the new band! Axl's voice still sends chills down my spine!!! So... I'm really sad I won't be able to hear them in December!! And I will continue to wait.... always!
  • JcmTsl ranted on 11/10/2001 03:57 AM ...
  • poisonken ranted on 11/10/2001 12:44 AM ...
    for me guns are gone along time ago i can imagine guns without slash, izzy, duff who the hell is those now can do good music but that not guns that we rock about long time ago i like to hear the new but don't call them guns pleaseeeeeeeeeee from malta europe

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