"About Guns N' Roses Manager's November 8th Declaration"

Many of us were quite sceptic about Doug Goldstein's (Guns N' Roses Manager) declaration. The main reason everyone was sceptic is because what seems like a "official" declaration by Doug Goldstein remains unsigned.

Scan of a declaration (unsigned)

So far, no official news sources such as MTV or VH1 have posted a signed declaration from Doug Goldstein.

I must admit that a quick e-mail from Doug Goldstein would have been appreciated. For a few hours we did not know if the declaration was a hoax or not. No e-mail, not even a word. In the past, Slash's and Izzy's managers have not hesitated directly sending me a copy of press releases..

If you're thinking of looking up Guns N' Roses's "official" website to get any information, you are out of luck, it hasn't been updated for months..

Your best source of information concerning Guns N' Roses remains the MYGNR NEWS section of this Website.