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Guns 'Officially' Cancel ...What A Surprise
  09 Nov 2001 In an unsurprising move Guns N' Roses have officially confirmed that they will NOT be fulfilling their proposed European tour, as exclusively predicted by weeks, nigh on aeons ago.

In a statement made yesterday band manger Doug Goldstein threw himself upon his sword stating:

"Following the euphoria of (the band's appearance at) Rock in Rio, I jumped the gun and arranged a European tour as our plan was to have the new album out this year. Unfortunately, Buckethead's illness not only stopped the tour, but it slowed down our progress on 'Chinese Democracy'.

"I am very sorry to disappoint our fans, but I can assure them that this is not what Axl wanted, nor is it 'another page from the Howard Hughes of rock,' as some media will no doubt portray it. I made a plan, and unfortunately it did not work out."

Business as usual at GN'R HQ then.

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