"What to do if you have tickets to the European Tour"

Many rumours have been going on since Guns N' Roses prior cancelletion of the European tour back in summer 2001. The rumours say that the re-scheduled tour will not take place. Guns N' Roses (Axl Rose) or Guns N' Roses manager Doug Goldstein have not sent any press release to reassure fans. (not to our knoledge).

The major music news agencies (Rollingstone, MTV, VH1) have NOT reported that the tour is cancelled as of November 8th 2001 at 22:22 (GMT -5:00) (New York Time). Nor have I been able to find anything relevant on the Sanctuary Group or the "official" Guns N' Roses website (why do these websites have to suck so much?).

I recommend you check the concert page in the UPCOMMING CONCERTS section of this website as there are links to the ticket vendors of the Guns N' Roses European Tour dates. As of now, (to my knoledge) no ticket vendor has (officially) reported that the event is cancelled, if that changes, please click HERE to e-mail me about it.

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