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HMV Japan offers "pre-orders" of the DVD or VHS "Live in Vegas 2001" concert and the 2000 re-recording of AFD.

Live in Vegas VIDEO available September 21st 2001, says HMV Japan

HMV Japan is offering "pre-prders" for the DVD and VHS copies of the "Live in Vegas 2001" concert with a release date of September 21st 2001.

On a less positive note, according to HMV Japan, the release date for the AFD re-recording was to be on April 30th 2001, and everybody knows that is incorrect information.

The price of the DVD and VHS videos is 4,900
YEN ( about 40.00 $US ) plus shipping. The video runs 140 minutes and features the 20 track set list, including four new songs from the GNR's forthcoming new album, Chinese Democracy. Buying your copy of the concert from HMV Japan probably won't get your copy home faster than buying it in your country, and it will most probably cost you more. usually has very good prices for videos and albums.

This Website will have all the necessary links to buy the VIDEO if and when it is officially onsale on American and other stores in the world.

Below is the text description of the 2001 video:

Japanese text:


Rough English Translation:

In order to be known already, the accelerator rose the Guns n' Roses which are led, tear the silence 8 years and finally reopen activity. This work from 2000 year New Year's Eve betting on 2001 year New Year's Day, the Nevada state Las Vegas with supplied the rise of the Guns which serves Lee To with the new * year * Eve * event which was done "house of blues", many fans necessary the work of seeing. As for performance morning 3 o'clock 2001 years are entered o'clock of 5 to the half was done from the half, but this time the DVD, both video all the 20 tunes, the volume, 140 minutes recording schedule. Furthermore also it becomes big topic to record new tune 4 tune.

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