Tuesday may 26th 1998, I received a e-mail from Simplenet telling me that my website ( had made it in the top 5% of all Simplenet accounts. Because of this, they wanted me to pay 200$US more per month or lower the traffic in the "other 95%", non compliance would lead to account cancellation. Simplenet was not clear at all about how I could do this. Anyways they only gave me 5 days notice to try to do something about it.  Since paying them more money was not an option for me, I had to take the videos down in order to try to make the traffic go down.

Simplenet told me that a Statistic program noticed that my web site was in the top 5%. When I asked Simplenet Customer Support if Simplenet was going to run more statistics (I was hoping this second round of statistics would categorize my site in the "other 95%") the clerk at Simplenet could not guarantee me that the next round of statistics would be run before the date (June 1st 1998) that my account was scheduled to be cancelled.

Simplenet was not playing fair when it only gave a delay of 5 days to their customers in the top 5%. I am sure that some customers either didn't check their e-mail for 5 days or where on vacation at that time and had their account canceled on June 1st 1998.

In my opinion,  Simplenet is guilty of FALSE ADVERTISING because even with their new HIGH RESOURCE USER POLICY, they still advertise and use the word "UNLIMITED" in their account descriptions. Checkout the PRINT SCREEN that I converted to a JPEG on may 29th 1998! I think it is very contradictory to the high resource user policy. Take a look at the image:


simplenet.gif (18613 bytes)

...Be limited only by your imagination
...We want your site to generate a lot of traffic without any surcharges

Now you know why I think Simplenet is doing false advertising.


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June 3rd 1998