Former GUNS 'N' ROSES guitarist SLASH recalled the wild drug days of G 'N R at their prime when he was smothered with topless beauties at a photo shoot yesterday, but appeared to be stoned to even notice. The guitarist was taking part in a photo shoot for the HOLLYWOOD BIKE JAM '97 at SMASHBOX STUDIOS in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. The wild-haired rocker was asked to sit in an armchair, where he was photographed surrounded by scantily-clad beach babes. But even the caresses of the admiring models failed to rouse Slash from his exhausted state. A studio executive reveals, "Slash was bombed out of his mind. Some of the girls were losing their tops and they were sitting on his lap and jumping up and down, trying to get him all excited. He was too wasted to make the most of the opportunity." And Slash stayed in his curiously subdued state from the moment he arrived in his limo to the time he left. The executive explains, "First he came in and he was about two hours late. He had to go out into a backroom and cool down after greeting everybody. And then he went into the girls' dressing room to chill out for a few minutes. Most of the girls were waiting on the set to start the shoot, but a few of them were still changing." Safely inside the changing room, the tired rocker was reluctant to leave. The source adds, "Somebody went to get him to get when the shoot started and he was, like, `Hold on a minute, I've got to have a cigarette.'" Are we sure it was only a cigarette he was having in there???

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July 10th 1997