Guitarist SLASH proved that there IS life after GUNS 'N ROSES

Guitarist SLASH proved that there IS life after GUNS 'N ROSES on Friday night in Hollywood, California. The NOVEMBER RAIN star took to the stage at the HOUSE OF BLUES on Sunset Boulevard with a group of top Los Angeles-based session musicians for his very own BLUES BALL. A sell-out crowd of over 900 people crammed inside the venue, owned by Hollywood star DAN ACKROYD, to hear Slash lead his rockers through an 90 minutes of cover versions including HEARTBREAK HOTEL, STEVIE WONDER's SUPERSTITION and CREAM's CROSSROADS. A House of Blues spokesperson says, "This is the first of five shows Slash and the boys will be doing across America over the next few weeks. The shows were arranged more or less as soon as he realized it was over between him and Guns 'N Roses. I don't think he wanted to hang around doing nothing. It's a while since he's been out playing live and he just wants to get back into it." Slash quit the group last month after reportedly falling out with frontman AXL ROSE. Rose is currently looking for a replacement guitarist to play on the group's unfinished album.

Meanwhile, American rockers DUFF McKAGEN and MATT SORUM reportedly have to "prove themselves" to GUNS 'N ROSES frontman AXL ROSE, or he has threatened to kick them out of the group. The PARADISE CITY singer apparently shocked his record company bosses by sending them a rambling fax explaining the reason why he decided to fire the group's guitarist SLASH, and revealing McKagen and Sorum are both on three months' trial. McKagen and Sorum have recently been devoting most of their time to recording and touring with DURAN DURAN star JOHN TAYLOR and SEX PISTOLS rocker STEVE JONES as the NEUROTIC OUTSIDERS. The fax reportedly states Slash was fired because "his musical philosophy didn't pass muster."


November 25th 1996