GUNS N' ROSES singer AXL ROSE is threatening to fire the rest of the group

GUNS N' ROSES singer AXL ROSE is threatening to fire the rest of the group if they don't pull together after the departure of guitarist SLASH. Rose, who Wednesday announced that longtime cohort Slash is out of the group, is fed up with the lack of commitment to the group by drummer MATT SORUM and bass player DUFF McKAGAN. They have been devoting their energies to NEUROTIC INSIDERS, the supergroup featuring DURAN DURAN star JOHN TAYLOR and SEX PISTOLS guitarist STEVE JONES. Impatient with the five year gap since their last major releases, the two USE YOUR ILLUSION albums, Rose is insisting the group get down to some hard work. And, as the owner of the group name, he has the right to get rid of anyone he feels is not pulling their weight. In a statement, Rose insists there will be a new Guns N' Roses album next summer - even if he has to recruit a new set of musicians to help him make it. He warns Sorum and McKagan to give up their "pseudo studio musician work ethic." And, although Slash was talking only last week of his hopes for a new Guns N' Roses album, Rose insists the guitarist has not been a part of the group for more than two years. In the statement, Rose says Slash hasn't been involved musically with him since April 1994 - and hasn't been a part of the group's business partnership since December 31 last year. Slash said yesterday, "Axl and I have not been capable of seeing eye to eye on Guns N' Roses for some time. We recently tried to collaborate, but at this point, I'm no longer in the band. I'd like to think we could work together in the future if we were able to work out our differences." Rose felt Slash wanted to carry on in the same hard rocking mold as before, while he wanted to give Guns N' Roses a musical overhaul.

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November 25th 1996