GUNS 'N ROSES sometime lead guitarist SLASH had to be rescued from a posh Manhattan hotel recently after an embarrassing incident involving a rouge pair of handcuffs. Apparently, the curly-haired rocker was handcuffed to the bed by an unnamed (and reportedly not even present at the time of the rescue) young lady, and was then abandoned by that same lady with the handcuffs still intact. Hotel staff then received a frantic call from the 30 year-old American rocker, and when they turned up outside his room they heard him shouting, "Let yourself in." According to staff at the hotel, Slash - real name SAUL HUDSON - "didn't want to explain". Hotel staff were then instructed to saw off the head board of the bed, to free Slash from his captivity. One thing we are dying to know, however, is which extremely dexterous talents (or parts) Slash used to dial the phone while he was handcuffed. However, we have dispersed an army of sleaze spies to find out the scoop on this immediately. Stay tuned for further info.

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November 25th 1996