Biography - Gilby Clarke

Gilby Clarke Name: Gilbert Clarke

Nick name: Gilby

Birthday : August 17th 1962

Hometown : Cleveland, OH, US

Occupation : Guitar

Bands : Candy, Kill for Thrills, Guns N' Roses, Solo projects, Slash's Snakepit

Biography - Gilby Clarke
Who is Gilby Clarke ?

Gilby joined hard rock legends Guns n' Roses in 1991 after Izzy Stradlin left the band. A few short weeks after, the band launched into their 2.5 years of arena and stadium tours. Gilby also played on the band's punk tribute record "The Spaghetti Incident?". In 1994, after GNR got off tour, Gilby jumped into the studio with a bunch of his friends, including most of the members of GNR, and released his Virgin Records debut solo album, Pawnshop Guitars. Gilby was fired from GNR in January of 1995.

On January 22nd 2002, Gilby Clarke released a solo album entitled: "SWAG". Click here for Gilby Clarke 2002 tour dates.

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