Biography - Duff McKagan

 Duff McKagan Name: Michael McKagan

Nick name: Duff

Birthday : February 5th 1964

Hometown : Seattle, WA, USA

Occupation : Bassist, Drummer

Bands : Silly Killers, Ten Minute Warning, The Fast Backs, Hobo skank, Angelic Upstarts, Road Crew, Hollywood Rose, DUFF,  Guns N' Roses, Wayne Neutron, Neurotic Outsiders, Loaded, Velvet Revolver

Duff McKagan
Who is Duff McKagan ?

Duff McKagan has indeed been in many bands! Throughout his early career, Michael McKagan has tried his hands at Guitar, Drums, and Bass with more than 30 bands before landing with Guns n' Roses. There he would begin a career with Guns n' Roses that would span a decade. With the progressive downfall of the band however, and a near-death run in from excessive alcohol abuse, Duff cleaned up his life, took to the martial arts, especially kickboxing, and decided not to continue his career with the band. Duff is now part of a band called Loaded which toured in a few US cities in 2001.

Duff McKagan currently plays in the band called "Velvet Revolver".

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