Biography - Buckethead

 Buckethead Name: Brian Carroll

Nick name: Buckethead, Death Cube K

Birthday : Somewhere in 1969

Hometown : Marietta, GA, USA

Occupation : Lead Guitarist

Bands : Deli Creeps, Cornbugs, Praxis, Cobra Strike, Buckethead (Solo), Primus (Ozzfest 1999), Guns N' Roses

Biography - Buckethead
Who is Buckethead ?

"That question has been puzzling scientists, fans, conspiracy theorists, Scully & Mulder, and tabloid journalists for years. Some reports say that Buckethead is an android, possibly from another planet. Others say that he is just another alien. Conspiracy theorists have wondered if Buckethead is actually Steve Vai or Paul Gilbert in disguise." Buckethead plays with speed, precision and can play almost any style of music. He also knows how to play bass.

Buckethead played with GUNS N ROSES on the 2002 tour.

March 2004, news gets out that Buckeathead quit Guns n Roses. The Rock in Rio 4 lisbon concert appearance of GNR had to be cancelled because of

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