Air Canada Centre Toronto

29th 2002
Guns n Roses concert set list


Toronto Concert Review #2

By "Stubber

Well, I just had my face completely torn off and shredded!!! Not to mention, slightly toasted from the pyrotechnics. I could actually feel the heat blast every time the bombs went off!!! I was that close.

That concert ruled far beyond my already high expectations. The Air Canada Centre has a seating capacity of 19,800 and it was almost full. Not bad Axl. Mixed-bag of people attending with lots of younger folks. Lots of hot women shakin’ their booties and showing their titties for the big screens. That was a nice treat.

Axl, sorry to ruin it for the pundits and "so-called" journalists, is back and he’s not back in a small way either. Everyone in attendance tonight was more than overjoyed to have their ‘screaming-banshee-super-freak’ back on stage doing what he does best. In my opinion he’s doing it better than ever. I think Axl’s killed off a lot of the demons that once plagued him. He seems more relaxed and a lot happier than he used to be. He most certainly was enjoying himself at this show.

Axl came out in a white #26 Toronto Maple Leafs jersey and he wasn’t wearing a headband. He was wearing a long chain with a big silver cross though. He welcomed everyone to the jungle and started things off with a few big bangs. His hired guns definitely have their shit together and are performing extremely tight. I’d say they’ve got their road-legs functioning. After a few more killer tunes, the living legend spoke. He mentioned how he’s been following the Leafs and he was wondering how the team managed to stay focused with so many hot women around. He also made a comment about the little pre-concert show that some of the women in attendance were so nice to put on for everyone. He said ‘there’s a lot of hot fuckin’ women here tonight.’ This guy’s fuckin’ funny. He then made a crack about David Lee Roth not being too busy these days. There weren’t any real technical flaws that I noticed.

The band seemed to drown out his voice a few times but nothing serious. They do play extremely loud. When Axl did the band introductions, he called them the magnificent seven and then he started whistling the tune from that movie. He laughed quite a bit. I think Dizzy got the most applause. Just before November Rain, Axl played some tune about an asshole and then he stopped and said he was sorry. Wrong tune. Then he mentioned the amount of hot women again and said he was having a hard time staying focused because of them. I think Axl probably likes Canadian chicks. Hmmm, do you think he had a hard time gettin’ laid after the show?

Killer version of November Rain, by the way. Bucket-Head’s show was interesting. After that Axl came out in a blue Leafs jersey and asked the crowd if anybody here tonight had been at the infamous Montreal show. He laughed and mentioned the Vancouver riot and the one in Ohio. "I’ll have to discuss the Montreal incident with my good friend Lars, some other time." The band launched into My Michelle after that and afterward, Axl mentioned the chicks again. He said he saw a chick in a catholic school girl mini-skirt coming down some stairs while he was singing My Michelle and how he felt that it was fitting for the tune. ‘Very appropriate, don’t ya’ think?’

He spoke of reading some of the latest reviews of their shows and commented that some journalists had been saying that some of the tunes they were playing sounded a bit dated. "No Shit" said Axl. He said that they were just having some fun right now with the old tunes at this part of the tour and went on to deride most biased ‘so-called journalists that didn’t know how to get a real job.’ Pretty funny comment actually. Axl said, "Well, you asked for it Axl. You came back. It’s all part of the game Axl." Everybody was laughing at this point. A little bit of humour by Axl, at Axl’s expense.

I fuckin’ love it. All in all, the show kicked some serious fuckin’ ass. All I overheard when I was leaving the stadium was, "What a good show man!" I’m glad I went and I’d gladly go again. If you’re reading this review Axl, just remember dude, you fuckin’ rule man!!! Axl’s back and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it.

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