Mellon Arena

22nd 2002
Guns n Roses concert review


Pittsburg Concert Review #1

By "aa"


Just an amazing show. Aside from what seemed a little audio bug the first half of Welcome to the Jungle, which kind of hampered the vocals, the show went on seamlessly it seemed. Pretty much the same set list as the previous shows.  Axl sported the 36 bettis jersey, and then the Lemieux hockey jersey.

The energy though from the band was just amazing, everyone was just totally into it.  I think notable standout songs fromthe already amazing set list were a really mellow cool version of Knocking on Heavens Door, Madagascar (which can basically be summed up as an EPIC performance, and "The Blues". Don't get me wrong the whole show was great, but these were just in a league of their own.

All in all just a performance that was above and beyond my already high expectations, amazing sound, almost live CD quality, and so much energy the crowd couldn't help but fall into it. GnR was just F'ngreat.

Pre-show, Mixmaster Mike rocked, but went a little long I think, very cool stuff, just got old after a while, I think he would been a better first opening act.  CKY, sucked ass! horrible, just a blur of not very appealing noise, not much else to say about them. all in all worth every penny I paid though.

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June 17, 2006 10:12:17 AM