First Union Center

6th 2002
Guns n Roses concert


Philadelphia Concert Review #1

By "Ex Guns And Roses Fan from back in the day"

Axl Rose is a piece of shit. That white trash scum bag does not deserve another chance to ever play in any arena. After the shit he pulled in The Meadowlands 10 years ago, he was lucky New Yorkers gave him a second chance. He played a great show in the garden this past Thursday night and then he had to go fuck it up in Philly. I was there... There was no announcement made until the stadium was torn apart by fans who felt cheated out of there hard earned cash.

We sat for and hour and a half waiting for them to come on. People traveled from all over to see the first area show in over 10 years and this is what he pulls, a no show. I feel bad for band members because there talents are getting a bad rep due to a loser and a has been.

The poor sound guys who where doing nothing more then there jobs where cover in beer, hit by chairs and took the grunt of this shit and it was not there fault, they where just doing there job and where scared for there lives last night.

I had second row seats on the side of the stage next to the sound guys and I felt bad for them, they could not get out of there fast enough. In my opinion and all of the tri state radio stations, he does not deserve another chance and I will never spend money to go see this washed up low life play again. Ex Guns And Roses Fan from back in the day.

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June 17, 2006 10:12:17 AM