Madison Square Garden

December 5th
Guns n Roses concert review
New York,
New York, USA


New York Concert Review #2

By B.E. Drake

I attended the Guns n Roses show at  Madison Square Garden last night, and I must say, I was not disappointed. Neither were the 20,000 in attendance. Axl and company ripped through the set pretty much flawless. Knocking on Heavens Door was dedicated to the memory of 9-11.

Axl seemed to be in a good mood all night. He was joking and flying around the stage like usual. He announced the band, and of course Dizzy got  a huge pop. Everyone in the band played with precision and energy. Bucketheads nunchuka and solo were amazing. The crowd roared when he started his solo.

Axl did rant  about  the Chicago show, saying they had a good time (which drew boo's. I suppose because of the Bulls) but  he wasn't satisfied with one of the reviews. He stated that if the writer of the review didn't like the show, fine, but then stated he shouldn't have lied in his review. I'm not sure what Axl was referring too,  but right after the rant, they coasted through one of the best  renditions of Patience, flawlessly. It  must  have had to do with Axl messing up patience at that show.

Anyway, one more thing real quick. Axl wore 2 different Rangers jerseys, switched to a Derek Jeter jersey, and finally sported a New York Jets Curtis Martin jersey. All in all, the show was a huge success, and the band was charged too play in front of a sellout.. I will be heading to the Philly show (spectrum) and the D.C. show and I am sure I won't be disappointed. Would love to here Civil War or Estranged though. We will see what happens

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