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30th 2002
Guns n Roses concert review


London Concert Review #3

By John McIsaac

Well I saw Guns N Roses tonight.  Let me tell you something, if anyone has any doubts about the new GNR you better go check out a show.  After tonight I believe that the new GNR is more talented and stronger. Let me start from the beginning......we got there right when CKY went on and I don't know who's dick they sucked to get that gig, they were JUST TERRIBLE.

Master Mike kicked ass, that man is very talented.  But anyway Guns N Roses hit the stage at around 11pm.  We only had to wait 45 minutes for them.  The crowd really was into it.  But they did not play the Exorcist 3 intro, they just kicked into Welcome To The Jungle.  Axl came out in a team Canada jersey, which later changed to a Toronto Maple Leaf jersey  and then to "London's home team" the Knights jersey. Buckethead was cool.

He had the word Funeral on his KFC Bucket and I was wondering what that was about.  Robyn looked good he was dressed in all white. They played 3 new songs....Madagascar, The Blues, and Chinese Democracy.

Axl was in a really good mood and he really didn't talk much, he made a few jokes.  All in all the show was about 2 hours long, and finished with Paradise City.  The new Guns N Roses kick so much ass and it is with out a doubt Axl Rose is the best front man in the world.

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