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30th 2002
Guns n Roses concert review


London Concert Review #2

By John McIsaac

When I got there CKY was just about to go on. 

First off I don't know who's dick they sucked to get an opening spot for Guns N Roses, but they were just terrible.

Moving on to Master Mike, he was really cool. He put on roughly an hour show and I was very impressed with what he did.

Guns N' Roses went on 45 minutes after Master Mike got off.  They kicked in with Welcome To The Jungle.  It sounded great but I was more or less surprised because they didn't use the Exorcist 3 intro.

Axl looked great, he came out with a Team Canada jersey and thus the show began. He really didn't have much to say, which was good because that meant he was in a great mood. Basically all he said was that it was a crazy trip from Toronto because of the weather (we had a snow storm that night).

The band played three new songs Madagascar, The Blues and Chinese Democracy.  Out of all of them I must say that The Blues sounded best.  I really think that song will take off once it hits the radio. More or less like November Rain..........I think GNR got the biggest response when they started November Rain.  The crowd was cheering so loud that the building was shaking.

Axl all in all wore  the Canadian jersey, during Rocket Queen he came out in a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey followed by London's home OHL hockey team "The London Knights" jersey. I must say that the band and Axl are a lot stronger and more clean then they were ten years ago. The new band fucking rocks.  I loved every minute of it.

They played about 2 hours worth and it ended sometime a little past one in the morning. If anyone has doubt about the new GNR, go check out the show because it totally rocks and Axl is the best front man in the world.

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