John Labatt Centre

30th 2002
Guns n Roses concert review


London Concert Review #1

By "Webmaster, MYGNR.COM"

Getting to the John Labatt Centre was very difficult for many Guns n Roses fans as heavy snow came down London the night of the concert.

GNR went on stage at 11:00 precisely.

The John Labatt Centre was PACKED! There was NO empty seats and the ambiance was great!

I expected to get the usual intro (voice from the Exorcist) like at the other concerts but we did not get it.

The sound system was very well calibrated. The high notes where just a bit distorted. The sound was great, and Axl's voice concert was great too even is this was the second of back to back concerts (GNR had played Toronto the night before).

Axl was very talkative, he joked around throughout the show. He did not play the song about him being an asshole during his piano solo.

The song Chinese Democracy absolutely ROCKED! Axl Rose really seemed to enjoy signing this song.

The concert went on without a glitch. Some people did not behave well at the concert. There was lots fights. I had never seen so many fights at a GNR concerts. In this case, it's probably a good thing that beer sales stopped at 10:00PM.

This is DEFINITIVELY a concert not to miss! If you don't have tickets yet, click here to get your tickets!

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