Nationwide Arena Columbus Ohio

25th 2002
Guns n Roses concert review


Columbus Concert Review #1

By "David"

I just got back from the Columbus GNR show, and I must say, it was quite possibly the best concert I have ever been to.  The overall feeling in the place was one of excitement and expectation, both of which were fulfilled.  I heard one guy after the show commenting on how he hadn't expected it to be a good as it was, and how pleased he was with it.  For someone who hadn't followed the band's comeback, I suppose that would be an understandable comment.  To me, the show was above and beyond my already high expectations.  First of all, Axl Rose sounded absolutely fantastic on EVERY song.  His voice was there in full force for the entire show, so I'm not sure where all those people who said otherwise about previous shows were coming from.  His singing was also very audible the whole time, as were the whistle blows on Nightrain and Paradise City.  Also, Rose was in an exceptionally great mood, and seemed to really be enjoying himself, as were the rest of the band members, all of whom were in top form.  The crowd, which was quite large in my estimation, were also very much into everything, including the new songs.  "Madagascar" produced quite a few lighters, and was every bit of the epic it has been described as in past reviews. 

      Axl was very talkative, joking around throughout the show.  He brought up the issue of the rioting that took place in Columbus over the weekend, saying, "I saw it on TV, and said to myself, Am I late already?  What day is this?" That evoked quite a bit of laughter from the crowd.  Before November Rain, Rose played two different pieces on the piano.  One, I'm assumed is the slower piece that people have been guessing must be a new song.  And the other, which he played first, was a faster paced piece which I think he tossed in because he just felt like playing it at the time.  Very good stuff.  Right before Nightrain, Axl was talking to the crowd and asked one of the security guards to his HIS mic, the classic red-topped one, out to a fan in the front row so he could say something.  He said, "LET'S GET ON THE NIGHTRAIN", or something to that extent.  Axl laughed and said, "You heard the man", and the band launched into a superb version of Nightrain.  Speaking of the band, as I said earlier, they were all in top form, sounded great on everything, and there seemed to be plenty of cohesion and camaraderie between all of them, and as well with them and Axl.  This is something that some people have commented they felt wasn't there, but I did not get that impression at all.  The impression I got is that they were all very much enjoying themselves, and were enjoying performing with each other.  All of the solos went very well, with the crowd being very much into them.  Buckethead in particular went over very well, and was quite entertaining and obviously brought to light even further his extraordinary guitar playing skills.  After he was done with his solo, which ended with a rendition of "Old MacDonald Had A Farm", he passed out what looked to be action figures to the crowd, which he carried out in a "Gamestop" bag.  There were quite a few KFC buckets out in the crowd as well.

        It was an excellent show, and based on the reviews I've been reading of shows, I would have to say that this show was probably one of, if not the, best show on the tour so far.  I read that the Cleveland show the previous night was also excellent, and this one in my estimation matched or surpassed that.  There is one other thing I would like to comment on, and then I'll stop.  People have been mentioning a lot about the attendance, as if it hadn't been being as high as it should.  The way I see it from the reviews that I've read, and what I've witnessed first hand in Columbus, is that the attendance has thus far been excellent.  Keep in mind, this is band that hasn't toured in 10 years, and does not even have a new single on the radio, let alone a new album out yet.  All the general public really knows of GNR's return is what they saw on the MTV Music Video Awards.  In light of that, I think the attendance and overall buzz has been exceptional thus far.  And I think it will pick up that much more once a single, a video, and the album get released.

        An excellent show.  The set list was pretty much the same as it has been, though I just remembered that "My Michelle" wasn't played, though I didn't notice that until just now, so I guess I didn't miss it, though I do like the song. Oh yeah, the opening acts were okay to.  Mix Master Mike in particular was very entertaining, and was pretty well received I think.  He was a good addition in my added some variety to the show as a whole.  CKY were okay, and did their thing well, they just aren't my cup of tea.  Anyway, if you get the chance, go see this show!  You will be impressed.

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