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24th 2002
Guns n Roses concert review


Cleveland Concert Review #4

By "5thofwhiskey"

I have the Rio In Rio III video and I was pleased with everything I saw. The MTV thing was not really that bad for me. The more I watched it the more I got it. Madagascar on MTV was just awesome. Anyway....the three individuals (wife, friend and his wife) I brought with me on our 2 hour hike are not fans. They like Guns and the girls think Axl is hot. But there are a lot of rumors out there that Axl has lost it and Guns are not Guns without Slash. Last but not least........I'm a big original members fan......Slash is just as big as Axl to me and I love Izzy.

Well here we go! Got to Gund
Arena around 5:30 and went to Cooperstown bar for drink and dinner. They were playing the Tokyo 1992 concert video on all the screens in the bar. Most all the bars along the way were blasting Guns material through the speakers. After I had two long island ice teas we all headed to the arena. Got there around the close of CKY. Bought my wife here first Guns shirt while my friends wife got here first. I saw this dude walking around with this gigantic Slash Hat and wig........had to give him a high five and hell ya! Slash is a God! He is everything a rock guitar player should be. Axl will never replace Slash. So after seeing Mr. Slash we went to our seats (section 2 Row U). Great seat! I had told Colma I might see him at cooperstown for the first time. But I had missed him there. I knew where he was sitting, so I went up to say hi. Talk about great seats. I was jealous. Front row!

MMM came out and we were all impressed. Scott (my freind) said Guns was going to have a hard time topping that. Again skeptical. By this time the wifes are getting more drunk and my wife is getting horny. Nothing like a little drink to set her off. And she was looking hot. After MMM we got up to take a break. Security was cool there. Not any problems getting back and forth. First floor seat concert with chairs and I would highly recommend it.

The girls at this concert were hot. Lots of girls. I bet the whole arena was filled with about 30-40% female. Not bad for a Hard Rock concert. Plus they were mostly hot and young. Axl has a great start here. I hate concerts that are all male and the girls make you want to dive in a hole. This was all a set up for a great titty show! To the wife, I was like "baby we need to get back in the arena and watch the girls" and she said "honey what ever you want" with a lick of the ear. I have a cool wife. And she is just as hot as all of these young girls. Sexy is 29 and she gets labeled 19 all the time. So we get back, and as we are walking down the aisle I get a face full of breasts right in front of me. I pull the little wife so she can witness the excess. She just laughs and pulls me forward. This went on.........not long enough.

Guns came on very promptly tonight. Axl was in great mood. And WOW! Did they Rock. By the time they played Live and Let Die my friend pulls my arm and me across his wife and says "who ever said Axl has lost it is nuts" and then he said "I just became a new Guns n' Roses fan". My wife was going nuts and so was his. It was going to be a great (lucky) night. Axl was on tonight. His voice is great , almost earth shaking. I think he almost blew my eardrums out. WOW can this guy scream. The rest of the band was tight. and the special effects were great. The new songs are so good live it is almost unbelievable. I can not imagine how good the studio versions are. And Axl says these are not his best. Axl is the coolest. "Never reveal yourself until you are hard", now who said that old schoolers. Wow this band rocked tonight. Buckethead had everyone bowing after his solo. This guy almost seems unreal. I remember Ozzy said the same thing in a interview about his first experience with Jimi Hendrix.

Axl and the new Guns blew everyone out of the arena tonight. Fans were coming out the arena going "Oh My God". And as I'm taking a piss people were going "Axl is God".

Wifes reaction: "Oh my God! That was the best concert I have ever seen"
Friends reaction: "Axl has not lost anything and if anything he has gotten better with age"

Friends wifes reaction: "I want to have Axl's baby" Ouch! My poor friend!

My reaction: Well just as I'm a old schooler and I have seen Guns 3 times before this 9 year wait. This is the best performance I have witnessed. Slash is still God. And Izzy is still the prince. But Stop the Press! This version of Guns is so fresh. The hint at the new material is mind blowing live. I bow down to you Axl and believe in the New Guns n' Roses. A old school fan has crossed the line to follow and
I will put the original members with the Greek Gods on the mountain.

Another note: The Arena had around 10,000 people in it. Most all arenas are 50% full when the lower section is full and the floor is sold out. this is the case tonight. On top of that the Club section was half full and people were scattered around in the upper section. Gund has the capacity of around 20,000 people. I had called twice prior to the concert and the lady on the phone had said that they had better than half full at the time and they were very pleased. She was right. I'm estimating around 60-65% capacity crowd tonight.

In closing I will say that this concert has just topped my favorite of all time. That is it has topped the Metallica concert in the Pontiac silverdome of 1992.

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