Gund Arena Clevenand Ohio

24th 2002
Guns n Roses concert review


Cleveland Concert Review #2

By "ScottyGNR" from

d**n I'm sure glad I don't live in
Vancouver or Detroit.
CKY-Showed up after they were on.  From what I've read, didn't miss much
Mike Master Mike-  Crowd was actually into him throughout pretty much the whole set.  Crowd especially like "Seek and Destroy" by Metallica.
GNR- Awesome, Awesome, Awesome.  Same as always set list.  The band was flawless and Axl didn't miss a note.  Mixed up beginning lyrics to "My Michelle" but otherwise absolutely amazing.  
Axl-Red Ohio State Jersey, Cleveland Brown Jersey, Cleveland Indian Jersey
Buckethead:  Blue one piece workers suit w/ cape
Robin- White suit, with small black tie.  (Really weird)
Brain- T-Shirt, hat
Tommy- Checkered Suit
Richard-Black Mesh shirt, pants
Dizzy- White post office button up shirt
Chris- White T-Shirt  
Axl REALLY good mood all night.  Talked about Buckeyes and how he thought it was appropriate to wear the jersey.  Said Columbus looked like he'd already been there (
Columbus is where Ohio State plays.  They beat Michigan on Saturday and big riots happened).  Said he had "Déja Vu".  Talked to the security guys.  He asked on guy if he was having a good time because he didn't look happy.

At the beginning of Piano Solo started playing some song and sang "I'm an a$$hole.....o wait that's not the right song"
Axl called Dizzy the "king of beers"
New stuff sounded awesome and went over great.  They all blew me away but I was surprised at how awesome Chinese Democracy was
We sat on the floor and security was always walking around.  Earl passed me.  I sat on the aisle and big black dude walked by and I turned around and he had a walkie-talkie labeled earl.
However, my friend was still able to snap about 10 pictures so when they are developed and if they look good I'll find a way to get em up.
Awesome Awesome Awesome show.  I didn't even mind spending $105 in merchandise

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